W H O  W E  A R E


We are a scrappy bunch who at the heart of it all, like to create stuff, make shit happen, & always try to do some good.

We also love a good party.

There are four of us. It doesn’t matter who we are really but we all at one time or another worked within the advertising world – a few of us still do.

The advertising industry - despite its insanity & fickleness, fierce competition, & rivalry – there is a strong, passionate underlining that not only is bursting with amazing personal creativity, but also has heart to give.

An event that unites the industry for the common good.

No competition, no rivalry, no bullshit.

Everyone coming together, having some drinks & some laughs, and sharing our personal creativity for one night for all to see, & to have our collective art help those in need. 

So, that is who we are, and that is what are going to do. It is very nice to meet you and we hope you can join us.

Thank you.

Team 100 Pieces