Chris Melissa Pete & Amy

In 2015 four friends came up with an idea to bring everyone in their work community together in solidarity with the art community. Our mission was creativity for good. The purpose of the event would be to help others in need and who live among us, while celebrating individual creativity. We call the event 100 Pieces.

We have teamed up with the local grassroots not for profit organization Safe Place for Youth (SPY) in Venice, CA. Thanks to the leadership of SPY Founding Executive Director Alison Hurst, her staff, and volunteers, SPY provides support and services to homeless youth within LA county.  We have made it our mission to raise as much money as we can at our event so SPY can continue their work in the arena of homelessness in Los Angeles.  All proceeds raised from the auction will go directly to SPY.

We are asking all artists and makers to donate one piece of their personal art, for a silent auction.

The auction will be held in a space in LA with music, drinks, and fellow artists, and of course, art buyers. We will all come together in solidarity to help those who have less and are struggling. 

We are a scrappy small group of four who at the heart of it all like to create stuff, make shit happen, & are trying to impact a social problem that demands attention. We also appreciate a fun party. We share a passion to unite people for a common cause while celebrating art.

We hope you can join us — Chris Buzzell, Melissa Ross, Amy Favat & Pete Favat